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It's sugar time!

Maple prodcuts


Maple Syrup

Organic maple syrup

Glass bottle 8,5 oz.
Glass bottle 12,5 oz.
Jug, quarts
Grade A robust taste, dark

Maple Sugar

Organic maple sugar

Bag 8 oz.

It's sugar time!

Arnold Farm Sugarhouse was built from scratch in 1999. In the steep mountains of Sandy Bay Township, a man saw potential. After doing his research, he was able to form a very succesful partnership with the land owners, the Hilton Family. Sandy Bay Township is located in Somerset county, the county with the biggest maple syrup production in the United States.

The selective logging done in the area allowed Arnold Farm Sugarhouse to outline what was to become a very extended network of pipelines and tubing. At the lowest point of each of the 5 tap spots stands a pumping station. It allows the sap to run easily down from the trees. It can then reach the main building through underground pipes which total about 6 miles. These pumping stations are also all linked together through internet and a private electric network.

The first production was done in the spring of 2000 with 18 000 taps. Today, in 2016, the ever going expansion has reached 52 000 and 2017 looks to be even bigger.

Arnold Farm Sugarhouse is family owned and operated through modern equipment and traditional values. Year after year, they respect the MOFGA guidelines to get their certification and produce only organic products.

Arnold Farm Sugarhouse

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